Hey there, I’m Liz!

Whether connecting products to purchasers or radical ideas to a knowledge-hungry audience, clear content and fluid design create and sustain community. I write user content and develop user interfaces that knit together clients and users. I also research data aggregation and data use in user interface development through the lens of womanist poetics.

I’m a doctoral candidate in English literature at Cornell University, the 2019 Mellon Editorial Fellow at Northwestern University Press, and a 2020 graduate of the Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp at the Northwestern University School of Professional Studies. I have experience in UX writing and design for marketing campaigns, professional portfolio websites, e-commerce sites, and scholarly projects.

I’m currently working on my doctoral dissertation, Dirty Computer Data: Womanist Data Ethics. The project blends literary theory and UI/UX design theory to explore how poet Audre Lorde and singer/actor Janelle Monáe encounter oppressive state surveillance and respond with their own data theories and use frameworks. This project inspired riversides2106, a collaborative virtual reality choreography project exploring interactions between black women artists and emergent technology.

I’m based on the Northside of Chicago, but born and raised on Chicago’s Southside. Definitely drinking herbal tea and bumping 90’s R&B at this exact moment.

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