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Establish an Instagram brand identity for the Cornell LGBT Resource Center through regularly scheduled posts, consistent brand graphics, and campus crossposts. The assistant director was handling social media on top of her other responsibilities, and did not have the time to dedicate to social media and branding. Cornell students are notoriously hard to engage in extracurricular events because their schedules are already so packed, so the first and last brand goal was to increase student engagement.


Based on conversations with the assistant director (the previous social media manager) and my experience with Cornell’s LGBT student population as a student and graduate instructor, I developed an active education-focused brand identity. I created bright, dynamic, and invigorating graphics that were visually simple yet information packed, and each post included a call to action — either to follow, donate, or engage with someone’s work — with a direct link to more information. This way, our posts interrupt the visual monotony of endless scrolling and engage students in immediate learning or action.

This is the LGBT RC feed at the beginning of my internship. I designed the posts highlighted in gold.


In my fellowship, the LGBT RC gained nearly 200 new followers and increased our average post engagement rate from 2% to 5%. We also experienced event signups and attendance close to or exceeding in-person event levels — over 100 people attended “Transgender Histories” at the end of February, as compared to less than 10 attendees at “Queer Trivia” three weeks prior.

We also experienced increased saves for our for International Women’s Day and Transgender Day of Visibility post series.