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Create a digital presence and brand voice for a hobbyist turned small business owner. The client primarily markets on social media and by word-of-mouth, and had a limited promo/design budget.


Develop a mobile-first website with personable yet professional copy emphasizing unique product qualities. The client wanted to give her key product a cute and memorable name, which I worked to include in her UX copy where appropriate.

My Role

I designed and developed a photo-first, mobile-responsive website using WordPress, and built an initial order form using Google Forms. I also worked with the client to draft all of the website copy from scratch, aiming for a high-end but fun tone of voice.

After launch, the business owner was interested in scaling up her website. I began building a web store using WooCommerce.

Menu (Desktop) – Version 3

Timeframe: One month

Client: Years in the Bakin’

Team: me!